Can I ask a question about vegan food?

What makes the vegans think that their food tastes the same as its meat counterparts?

Is it just getting used to the vegan food?

Or your taste for meats is not that strong?
Yeah good question. I can’t answer for everyone else, but when it comes to replacements like vegan chicken and burgers, I don’t think they taste the same. It is close but they are pretty good.
I tried a vegan burger once on accident. And inside there was an orange paste or something. It did not taste like meat at all.
I personally prefer foods that aren't replacement foods for meats like noodles, burritos and things like that.

Yeah, there are some replacement options that are terrible.

Actually, I had a vegan hot dog at a football game once and it was disgusting. I ate one bite and I couldn't eat anymore, lol.
There are some good vegan replicas, but some just should not exist, to be honest. For example, vegan hot dogs. It doesn't feel like a hot dog at all.
The short answer is that it doesn't. So I would recommend getting foods that don't go out of their way to advertise being vegan. A lot of foods that do so ramp up their prices.
Yeah, so get foods like rice, beans, other vegetables, fruits, cereals, noodles, like a lot of Thai food is really good, cheap and vegan.
I can send you some links for more cheap vegan options if you are looking for specific meals.
I live in Florida, and yes, it is pretty easy to be vegan here.
Yeah, I used to eat a lot of meat too.
Crab was my favorite food for a long time. Like I would eat crab legs and crab cake.
Oh! I honestly feel bad for you vegans. The media represents you guys as people who shove veganism in other people's faces and do annoying protests.