Brain fog (seems to be a running theme)

Kobe Prince

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24 Male.

Condition: Brain fog (seems to be a running theme). About 8 months ago I fell quite ill, I soon recovered but after a month or so of good health, I started to feel a constant burning in my sinuses. Along with this, excruciating headaches and debilitating brain fog. I've multiple scans on my sinuses and brain, everything was normal. GP thinks it's just stress, but I've been stressed at many points in my life and still able to think. I just feel constantly confused/dizzy, and it's much worse when I exercise, where I feel like I'm going to black out at any moment. I've tried a very clean diet to ensure it wasn't something I was eating. No change. I've been robbed of my personality/sense of humour because I can barely string two words together.