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To me, I better pay an extra dime or two but I get the best quality. Life must be expensive, brother, and we have to accept that.
Life is expensive, yes, but if you have better alternatives, it's wise to go for them. I think that one of the chief reasons for the emergence of online pharmacies is to reduce costs.


New member is ranked high by Alexa (65,156). This means that the website has a lot of visitors, which implies the trust it has earned over the eight years it has been around.


New member isn't approved by either LegitScript or CIPA. Has anyone found any compliance records? I think it's not legit due to this. You can have your say.


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This pharmacy steers clear of any suspicious activities. Its location isn't debatable. It's 100% American. I love the strict policies like prescription requirements.


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You'll always pay less for the drugs but end up paying more for the delivery. With, you can select a participating pharmacy (form over 35,000 of them) and pick up your drug for free. That's a good deal.
So is this the reason for their inflated prices?


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