Been living with alopecia for the majority of my life


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Been living with alopecia for the majority of my life. I’m 17 now and it’s the third time that it’s come back. Feeling anxious and worried especially with me being in sixth form/ college now so social presence and confidence is something which people are judged on strongly. I’m not sure how active this forum is but I’d definitely feel comfortable if I were able to speak with other people who have similar problems.

And I’ll say this now but by alopecia, I don’t mean I have small patches of hair missing. About half of the back of my head is missing hair and about half again on the top of my head is missing. Life isn’t enjoyable.


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Maybe you could try to go full bald and get some money working for hair transplant or minoxidil.

I am studying for being a bartender since that way I will be able for a hair transplant.

Meanwhile I have long hair for hide my patches.


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I have thought about going bald a number of times, even my barber recommended it. Though of course, not many people “want” to go bald. I am one of them. All I want is a head of hair, so for now I will continue my treatment.


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Try rose based shampoo it seemed to help thicken my hair but I know hair issues are different.