Aren't generic prescriptions always cheaper?


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I was looking at some online prices for my current medication and the generic ones have always been less for me.

It would appear as though they are about the same price, if not more in this case. I am not sure why. I have never shopped for prescriptions online, so maybe I am overlooking something?


Generic drugs are always cheaper not because of what they do, but because you don't need a prescription from a doctor since you can just buy them knowing what they can do. Once you involve the services of the doctor, expect the prices to go up.


Generic drugs are always cheaper not because of what they do, but because you don't need a prescription from a doctor since you can just buy them knowing what they can do. Once you involve the services of the doctor, expect the prices to go up.
Going to doctors on such occasion is like paying for consulting services and it's definitely always on the higher side when you consider the cost. This is a good reason why generic prescription seems to be on the cheaper side because it cut out the service of involving the doctors in physical situations.


I agree. Doctors can almost be thought of as affiliates for the drug companies. They more they push on patients, they more they make. That’s why it’s often very concerning how we’re getting more and more I’ll as a species, yet the pharmaceutical industries are making more and more money. They have no incentive to invest millions into research new cures for all the issues we face today, as they already make millions from alleviating the symptoms caused by our illnesses, allowing us to continue to perpetuate in a state of ill health to continue covering their paychecks.

Online pharmacies cut out the middle man- the doctor- but still don’t really have our best interest at the forefront of their companies’ aims. They still profit from out eternal state of illness.

So although occasionally online drugs are cheaper, they are essentially no less morally corrupt.


Generic prescriptions are always going to be cheaper because the extra money the branded versions have spent over the past years in marketing and advertising their brand items needs to be recouped in cost, accounting for their more expensive and higher prices.

However, this doesn’t always guarantee an increase in quality or safety. Most of the times the lower prices items have to have passed a certain number of tests to be able to legally sell at all, and so you shouldn’t be too worried about their safety. At least no more than other brands.


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Generic drugs always cost less than branded ones. Every branded item is more expensive because of the brand name. Usually, branded medics are more expensive to make too, they do researches to improve the drug and also have to do promotions, while generic drugs are not facing these, if the generic drug achieves the same blood concentration then it is assumed to achieve the same results.

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Actually, that's the core purpose of generic drugs existence in the first place and it's to get those high costly brand drugs down to the cost at which most people can afford to buy the drugs because it's not everyone that is rich enough to afford the brand drugs at the original price. Pharmaceutical companies working on making generic drugs are the savior to millions of patients out there in the world.


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The generic drugs legally have to meet the same standards a those met by the big brands so it’s a great choice for anyone on a budget. The big brands are able to charge more because they put large amounts of funding into advertising and marketing, for which they’re getting a huge return on their investment.


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All of the generics that I have ever taken have been cheaper. It would be really silly to have a generic that was more expensive than a name brand but I guess it could happen.
That's true unless you are getting a brand drug that is fake and not original. There is fewer expenses in manufacturing generic drugs, so it's no surprise that it is cheaper than brand drugs worldwide.


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Generic drugs are always cheaper than branded drugs. The reason is if a generic drug manufacturer can make the drug so that the composition and the same blood composition are achieved it is approved. And other than that they have no expenses for researches or promotions. This is the main reason for generic drugs to be cheaper. Being cheaper doesn't mean they are not good like the branded drugs.


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Nonexclusive medications are constantly less expensive not in view of what they do, but since you needn't bother with a medicine from a specialist since you can simply get them recognizing what they can do. When you include the administrations of the specialist, anticipate that the costs should go up.


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Generic prescriptions are continually going to be less expensive on the grounds that the additional cash the marked renditions have spent over the previous years in promoting and publicizing their image things should be recovered in cost, representing their increasingly costly and more significant expenses. Be that as it may, this doesn't generally ensure an expansion in quality or security. The vast majority of the occasions the lower costs things must have breezed through a specific number of assessments to have the option to lawfully sell by any stretch of the imagination, thus you shouldn't be too stressed over their security. In any event close to different brands.