Are there any sites that can give you instant feedback on the safety of these suspicious online pharmacies?


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Yes, of course, there are so many websites that can offer you the services of knowing a suspicious online pharmacy for you to never deal with them and avoid the problem of getting scammed and sold fake drugs to. is one of such websites I make use of in getting detailed and accurate information on any online pharmacy I want to use before getting in business with it.


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You can also check They will have blacklisted any sites that are seemingly dangerous or pose any threat to visitors. They will blacklist any and all sites, including online pharmacies that raise any red flags, pose any threat of harvesting your financial or other personal data, or have masses of bad reviews saying the items they sell are not as described.
It would put my mind at rest if I could check the legitimacy of the website I’m about to purchase from externally on another site. I’ve heard this is possible but don’t know how to do it? Any advice, please?
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