Anyone experienced dissociation like brain fog?

Not that I know.

I've been unable to focus, talk to people, feel like I'm a robot - my body is doing it's thing without me even thinking about doing it

Like going to the toilet - I do it automatically. I feel like I'm a robot.


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I'm a little curious since you've been in this so much longer than me; how have you managed to cope with your symptoms?
Well, I started controlling my symptoms today. I found out that I have brain fog today. Once I was aware of my disease, I automatically started to control my body, my thinking, my disease.


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With both ways you mean storing and accessing memories? Yes, I have that. However, for me extensively using my memory doesn't seem to make my symptoms worse.
I am still trying to figure out what actually causes/triggers fatigue.

Options so far:
1. After eating heavy food?
2. Caused by mood?
3. Correlates with fever?
4. With delay of few hours after concentration and memory exercise.

So far I more or less ruled out, for me fatigue is not because of lack of sleep. Also not because of sugar level increase. Probably feel better and memory working also better at high sugar high level. Sugar level decrease still need testing.


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That's a pretty interesting and complicated question.. there are probably a large number of factors which can contribute to fatigue. I think (this is also from personal experience) volatile dopamine levels are a major contributor. If one can make these more constant, that should help. However, there may also be medical conditions where this is not really possible due to systemic dysfunction affecting certain hormones.. One the other hand, one can sort of trick the body out of it by activating its fight-or-flight mechanisms.


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As an example for volatility: I am watching a movie when I know I should actually be doing something else --> movie causes high dopamine levels but after finishing, I feel terrible because I didn't do that other thing --> dopamine levels sink rapidly --> Brain got used to dopamine levels so it wants to watch another movie (or something else with quick, low effort dopamine) to get the levels back up --> and so on...

Normally one breaks out of this cycle at some point but when you're sick, doing something productive (= positive dopamine trigger) is a lot more difficult because your body doesn't have as much energy so it's very easy to get stuck in this loop.

But these are only my observations.