Any Homemade Lotion For A Cyst?

I just have something I was wondering if there was like a homemade lotion(?) Or cream(?)

I have a cyst on my waist, that has comeback for a third time WITH A VENGEANCE, in other words it hurts like hell.
I often take vitamins and crush them into a fine powder and add a couple of drops of water to make it liquid. You want it thick. then you mix it with some warm(Not melted) cocoa or shea butter.
Just the one. Now I have to find a way to get a pic of it where I can see what I'm taking a pic of.

The picture doesn't really show the colour as well as if it were seen in person.


If it looks like it could pop. Its likely that it is a boil. I recommend a warm compress like a wet rag for 20 or so minutes. Washing at least twice a day in that area and trying to keep it dry. Sweat can cause it to worsen or cause more. The body will naturally get rid of it if you monitor and treat it. I don't recommend lotion if that is a boil because you'll trap the bacteria under there. Apple Cider Vinegar and some gentle soap should do the trick. If you can scrub with something a bit coarse like a luffa, That should help break up the epidermis and coax out the head.