An Autoimmune Disease, perhaps Myasthenia gravis


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19 Year Old Male Here

Most prominent symptoms
: Protruding eye, muscle weakness Other symptoms Eye related:-Dry eyes, protrudin eyes, gritty feeling in eyes, trouble keeping eye contact, sensitive to light, seeing floaters, very light thin shades of dark strips /some thin white strip Face:-A lot of muscle tension in face whenever i try to make facial expression, numbness and tingling sensations on face. lower jaw feels tight and makes me feel discomfort. Voice:-Very fragile voice gets hoarse very quickly. Difficulty in voice modulation. Sometimes i gulp a lot of saliva while talking coz i feel some tightness in throat. Muscle weakness all over body. more i stress certain body parts the more unusable they become. I cant jog or do push-ups or play sports no more. Walking just 100 metres makes my legs feel heavy then i start walking a bit wobbly. Palpitations, fatigue, heavy bowel passage(5 to 6 times a day),anxiety, brain fog, weight loss, heavy sweating randomly

WHAT INFLUENCES SYMPTOMS: Factors with biggest positive effect Sleeping rids me of palpitations ,also muscle weakness becomes more tolerable. I rap and when i rap a lot my face muscles become very numb. Sleeping again makes my face feel normal Factors with biggest negative effect Overly exerting limbs thru workout or just walking or liftin items. Spicy foods worsen the bowel issue for me. Timeline The symptoms first began showing in 2015 when i was 14. The first symptoms were dry eyes in 2014.Then protrudin eye, all my above mentioned voice issues and face issues like numbness and tingling sensations started in 2015.Brain fog also set during this time in 2015. I've had digestive issues since 2011 honestly. But it worsened around 2015-2016. Muscle weakness issue existed since 2016.It worsened around 2018 and has only got more worse now in 2021. Additional info I have very low tsh(<0.001) and normal t3 and t4 levels
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