legit or scam?

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Hi, is a legit site? Most of the reviews are positive and the website looks legit too. Have anyone used this site??? Is it safe to order from this?


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I checked reviews, most of them seem to say that it is a legit site. The appearance looks fine. But I haven't used to buy, but according to the info I searched, it looks fine.


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Hi all, this site is legit, I have used this site several times and the service and the products were of good quality.
@Taheg45776 this site is safe, you may go ahead and order from this site.


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Check out the reviews and ratings on trust pilot
87% says its excellent, 9% says great .... so overall it is a trusted pharmacy. But as everywhere, there can be some mistakes, nothing is perfect. But overall, the delivery times, price and quality are good according to buyer reviews. So we can say the site is legit.


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I have used alldaychemist to buy medications. The medications arrived on time and I am happy with the service and the medications were of good quality. You can go ahead and order from


New member has been approved by the Foods and Drugs Association and operated for more than 15 years, and it is legit according to several review sites. It has provided contact numbers and fax numbers, and you can try to contact them if you want to verify if it is legit or not.

For the USA: +1(855) 840-0584 (Toll-Free)

For the UK :+442075721246

For Australia: +61290380439

For International: +1(213)291-2588

FAX:+1(760) 284-5903


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@fogeka1919 even it says that in drugstore reviewer, it does not mean it is a scam site. we can't believe that all the positive reviews were faked. Alldaychemist has good positive reviews and negative reviews are almost negligible. As many people have said that the site was good, we can believe that is is not scam. In other review sites, it does not say that is s scam. It is a trusted site.


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Don't worry this is a legit site, some review sites might say it is a scam, but the majority say that the site is good and many have given good comments about their service. Also, I know some people who have ordered from this site personally, and there were happy about the service too. You still can contact the site support and check out if you want to be sure. Cheers.


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According to most of the review sites, the site is legit, but there are some reviews that say the site is a rogue site, but I think the site is legit. Better if someone who used the site can confirm.