is legit or scam??

Pedro Frost

This site is been threat listed in, this site has fake OCP accreditation and it seems to be a scam site to me. Why they should fake it if they are legit?

Eve Macias

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This is a hard choice, the main point I'm bringing in to say this is a scam is that there are no buyer reviews available. But there are ratings in review sites, they are rated average. But in some review sites it says that the site is safe, but use it as your last resort.

Cristina Esparza

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Unlike other scam sites, this site provides a physical address and telephone numbers, which is why I am doubting is it is really a scam site. But when i looked further, all the other info leads to the conclusion it is not trustable.

Briley Rosario

New member is something of use at your own risks site. There are no customer reviews though, but there are some average ratings on review sites which makes it difficult to label it as 100% scam but the ratings are not very satisfying.


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I wouldn't say this online pharmacy is 100% legit but can give it a 60% trust level from me!

Amari Hooper

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@Brushra I won't give 60%, i might give very much less than that most probably. I am not at all happy or confident with the information and reviews available . It has no valid licence or any approval from any authority , and no customer reviews.
I would advise to use it if there is no alternative.

Kadyn Brown

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Look at these sites, the pharmacy site seems to be safe. It has average ratings and some good reviews as well. It's true that it lacks user reviews, but I think it is a legit one. But I can't guarantee it, if you are planning to use it, please contact its support and get relevant details, and please share your experiences with this community as well.

This is the site URL btw,
Hi, actually it is indeed a hard choice to label it as a scam or a legit site because all we have is the information and reviews on the internet. When considering all the details, I would say we must stand in the middle grounds, I think this site is not fully trustable or 100% untrustable. @Conor Payne said that said to use it as the last resort, and I would like to go with that.

Charles D Nunez

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Is a legit site or a scam?? If anyone has used this site, please give me your comments. Thank you.
I just checked and I can state categorically that it has shades of a scam online pharmacy. Just looking at it will definitely show you how they are not good for buying meds from.