Absolutely no clue it literally comes at random

Iliana Willis

New member
Female, 17 years old
I have no clue what it is

-sudden bouts of vertigo at times paired with tinnitus
it gets so bad sometimes that it feels like I can hardly breathe and that I may faint.

Absolutely no clue it literally comes at random. I don't take any meds.

Timeline: I started getting a little dizzy a few weeks ago but just this week am i getting these sudden bouts a few times a day, I've never had stuff like this happen in my life before

Additional Information:
I supplement for iron so i doubt it's an iron deficiency, i also supplement for b12, vitamin D, and iodine with a multivitamin as I'm vegan. I don't think my diet is a problem because i plan it out and my doctor knew and said I was healthy but i thought that could be relevant knowledge so i mentioned it anyways. I'm kind of underweight since being underweight runs in my family (my dad was my approximate BMI when he was younger).