24×7-healthstore-online.com reviews

Kaitlynn Cain

New member
Hey members. I recently came across this online pharmacy while surfing the internet. I uncovered that it's one of the most dangerous scoundrels around. It's got a lot of flaws. Which flaw can you identify?
Excuse me! I think I reported this website just a month ago. What happens when you report such scams? I think the website should have been closed down.
I don't know about the online pharmacy you are talking about. When are you buying drugs online, you need to buy it from a reliable online pharmacy. I buy my metformin from PillsFind.com Here you can get instant discounts by using coupon code SAVE10.
Are you promoting your own rogue pharmacy? It looks like scam either. It is no way better than 24×7-healthstore-online.com.