19 Year Old Male Needs Help.


19 Year Old Male Here

Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome since puberty but got worse at 15/16 mainly neurocognitive symptoms within seconds/minutes of orgasm-brain fog, clumsiness, blurrier/narrower vision when looking at many objects-must look at each thing separately, might mis-click, bump into stuff due to worse coordination, small noises harder to hear, voice volume goes down, slower comprehension-reading, thinking longer, harder to socialize, less motivation 1st days, forehead, shoulders, upper back tighter despite relaxing before o as if something keeps muscles in different state regardless of if I relax. When I was ill with mucus, neck ache, compulsive cough due to cold neck due to low neck cover 2020 February I had 3 day window when I had 0 symptoms had 1 nightfall, 2 orgasms mind was fast, clear, 0 clumsiness etc. as I healed I still felt ok but once had orgasm it came back so POIS was off while ill, discovered it in 2019 by abstinence seeing each time I had o/nightfall I had brain fog, etc. 1st thought its how all feel but with time realized others don't show brain fog signs etc and function well, realized it’s not normal and since then been reading /r/POIS and poiscenter.com/forums for ideas, cures, updates etc. 2019 January blood test-total Testosterone 475ng/dl Free-11, past medicine use-antiepileptics for sleep time cramp seizures I had as a kid at age 4 I think right antiepileptic was found which kept it under control till 15 when EEG showed 0 epileptic activity in response to strobe light so light low dose SSRI was recommended by doc to transition to medicine free state C-Reactive Protein-1.9symptoms got worse with time I might’ve forgot something so I’ll edit post but that’s main stuff now

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