weight loss

  1. J


    I have had extra weight since school years, now I'm 28 and my weight is 130 kg. I can't stop eating and have no motivation cause my boyfriend broke up with me a year ago and my relatives are not supportive at all. Please, tell me how to start living a normal life??
  2. H

    How to do weight lose by taking medicine

    To lose weight at first I will suggest avoiding junk food. But those people can not avoid it I will suggest taking suggestion by a doctor and I think can take medicine.
  3. T

    How I lose my weight

    Hi, I am Tilly and I would like to share all the people in this world by this forum that is I am very much health conscious. Need to do diet and need to take diet food. By doing diet and taking diet food I already lose 15-pound weight loss. One of the best suggestions will be Do diet and make...
  4. B

    How to less weight

    I was taking fast food a lot of time in my life. Last 3 months I am avoiding to take junk food. Now I would like to suggest all people all over the world that if we want to lose our weight we should avoid junk food items. It's so harmful to our bodies. If we can avoid junk food items like burger...
  5. D

    What method helped to lose my weight

    I would like to suggest to every person in this world to lose weight and we should consider keeping ourselves healthy. To lose weight need to do physical exercise mainly and if we continue to do it we can live long years. I was 110 pounds and last 6 months I understand that I should lose my...
  6. N

    How can you lose weight in 7 days?

    I have reduced 5 kilos within a week (without a gym). Below are the few things I have followed during the session (diet and exercise is the only key). First and the last thing keeps in mind that what you have started you need to finish and whatever you eat it means a lot as it is imparting some...
  7. B

    Create a caloric deficit

    To lose weight, You kinda have to create a caloric deficit. This means you have to reduce the number of calories you take into a point below that which your body requires daily and so your body takes the rest from itself. For teens its usually 1200-1500 cals but it differs in everyone.
  8. I

    Weight loss drugs

    Where are the best online pharmacies to buy weight loss drugs? I am looking for something that will work. Not necessarily fast but works good and is very safe. I do not want something with tons of side effects either, such as being dizzy.
  9. Jack96

    What inspired you to finally lose the weight?

    I was never morbidly fat. I was always healthy and plump. However, that changed in the summer of 2017. I went to Canada for a month-long vacation to tour the entire east coast and stay with my dad's elder brother and his family. My aunt was thrilled to have us over as it was the first time we...
  10. Kristen

    What is the most effective weight loss method or program?

    Okay, let me tell you my own story followed by my routine. I weighed 8okgs and now I weigh 65kgs without going to any gym. Now how did that happen? Well, I disciplined my life. I started watching my habits and enrolled myself in a basic mediation yoga class in my locality and not to forget I...
  11. Boris

    Has anyone tried Phentermine?

    Has anyone tried Phentermine to lose weight? I was on it two months ago and it made me so dizzy that I had to stop taking it. Anyone else ever experiences this? I mean yes I want to lose some weight but I also can not stand being dizzy. And that dizzy feeling just never went away the whole time...
  12. E

    Does Hoodia help to lose weight?

    I have recently heard that Hoodia pills are great for those who need to lose up to 10 kg because they act gently, there are no side effects. Is that right?
  13. hafijbd

    High fiber diet

    So I began eating high fiber most of the moment and after 2-3 weeks I received severe constipation, I was in severe pain and ate grapes to relieve the pain. I was dizzy and lost over 14lbs. Recently I got sick from eating dinner too early in the afternoon :( I'm still eating high fiber low...
  14. hafijbd

    Vegetables to lose weight

    Low-carbon vegetables provide good body nutrition and fat-less body. Here's a list of low-carbon vegetables you should try: asparagus avocado banana pepper beet broccoli celery carrots green beans kale mushrooms onion spinach tomatoes
  15. Jackie

    Counteracting weight gain from medications?

    I know I am more prone to weight gain from the medications I am currently on. I have gained nearly 40 pounds just this year which is A LOT to put on in only 9 months. I keep seeing the scale go up no matter how little I eat. I even started exercising 20 minutes a day but still, I can't manage...
  16. Barida

    Eating more of vegetables is the way

    On the other thread, I mentioned how drinking lots of water can aid in weight loss. Do you know that eating more vegetables is also good for the body? As we all know, it is all about shedding fats and taking more of vegetables can assist too. Don't you think so?
  17. Barida

    Do you know that drinking water helps in weight loss?

    What is always necessary about life is the ability of one to understand that drinking water is one sure way to shed some pounds. I was on Twitter the other day and the doctor that I was following recommended that drinking lots of water helps in losing weight. Have you had this experience of...
  18. Albert

    How can I lose weight?

    I want to lose weight fast and I want to lose 25 pounds, right now I'm 140 sadly, is there a fast way to lose weight in 4 weeks? I tried many methods too like working out, drinking a lot of water, jogging. I just want to know if there is a faster secret to losing weight. Please help me 💪💪💪