sleeping disorder

  1. C

    Few reasons for sleeping disorders

    Most of the people are facing sleeping disorders. Here I have given some fact why people are facing sleeping disorders those are: 1. Tension 2. Online chat 3. Using mobile or PC 4. Noise
  2. C

    Share your problem with doctor if facing sleeping disorders

    Most of the people in this world are facing sleeping disorders problems. I would like to suggest to take advice from a doctor if any person is facing a sleeping disorder problem. I hope the doctor will suggest some medicine to stop sleeping disorders.
  3. C

    How to rescue from sleeping disorders

    Sleeping disorders is a big problem most of the people are facing in this world. To me, a few big reasons are included for that sleeping disorder. Technology is a big issue for sleeping disorders. Like most of users use mobile games or use social media or watching movies most of the time. I will...
  4. B

    Tension is one of the best reason for sleeping disorder

    It's my own opinion all over the world peoples are crazy about to make money and they or their family members demand a lot. So a man or a woman carry the tension on how how how to make money or fulfill the demand and for tension purpose they can not sleep well. I will suggest please try to save...
  5. Jonathan lee

    Can I get online prescriptions for sleeping tablets?

    I know that some doctors are not always inclined to give sleeping pill prescriptions because they can be addictive. Although I’ve had really bad insomnia for such a long time I’m willing to try anything. Any recommendations of where I can get these online would be really helpful.
  6. hafijbd

    Is it normal to wake up every night?

    Waking up during sleep is prevalent. In fact, during the night, I wake up two or three times ... Is it normal?
  7. hafijbd

    How can one solve their sleep disorder?

    Here are some insomnia beating tips: Wake up every day at the same time Eliminate nicotine and caffeine Limit the number of naps Exercise regularly Limit bedtime operations Before you go to bed, do not eat or drink Make a cozy atmosphere for your sleep
  8. Jackie

    Could my desk work be giving me issues?

    I was reading about studies linking excessive screen time to sleep issues. I work at a desk and spend several hours a day in front of a computer screen. I also have trouble sleeping at night. I sometimes do not fall asleep until 6 AM and I have to be up at 9 AM for work. It has been a real...
  9. Elizbeth

    Is it sleep disorder or not?

    Sometimes I wake up with a fast, rapid heartbeat and the rest of the day I'm tired and I hurt all over. and then some days I wake up temporally paralyzed and am also tired and hurt throughout the day but today I woke up twice with both these problems is there anything I can do and is it serious? 👁👀👀
  10. Albert

    Is this sleeping disorder?

    I have a lot of dreams at night. I hardly sleep for 2-3 hours. Many of these dreams become true. Family and friends fear for my health due to my desire to get treatment in homeopathy. But it reduces my total stress. After finishing the course again I am facing this problem 💊💊💊
  11. Roberts

    How I can fall asleep fast and easily?

    I'm going to New Jersey next week but I have a sleeping disorder and I'm scared because we have to go to sleep at 9:30. At home, it takes me hours to go to bed and I'm really worried. Do you have any tips on how I can fall asleep fast and easily? :coffee::mad::coffee:
  12. Brushra

    What are some different types of sleep disorders?

    What are some different types of sleep disorders and what are the main Symptoms? I can’t seem to sleep. I have done everything and yet I can’t sleep what the hell is wrong with me?🤒
  13. Barida

    Exercising helps in smooth sleeping

    While this is not scientifically confirmed, I think that doing some fitness drills can always help when it comes to sleeping fine. Good thing is that you can do it at home as well. What I have noticed is that each time that I exercise at night, I tend to sleep better and well. Have you had...
  14. P

    By controlling your mind meditation help to sleep

    Meditation is a way by which the mind is trained. New and positive perspectives can be created through meditation. As we can see, our mind starts thinking a lot. Meditation creates a habit of focusing on a topic. It helps reduce stress, improves brain function and finally helps for a sound sleep...
  15. Alfredo

    Is it not a sleeping disorder?

    I always have trouble sleeping on SATURDAY and only Saturday night. Could this be a disorder? I occasionally stay up until 4 in the morning. This isn't something mental because I hate Sundays and yeah 😪😪😪