1. J

    Don't trust killer pharmacy,

    A visit to may come up with them saying that they are not fake and does deliver, but I was left furious when I discovered that they lack CIPA approval or that doesn't matter to you?
  2. D Reviews - Dubious Pharmacy

    I don't know if anyone has tried making meds orders from My findings show that that's the pharmacy to avoid at all costs. See attached picture for proof.
  3. K reviews

    Most if not all scam online pharmacies follow the same pattern of not getting any approval from any of the online pharmacies regulatory agencies such as LegitScript,, CIPA, National Association Board of Pharmacy, etc. has the same symptoms of scam online...
  4. J reviews is 100% a scam online pharmacy. From every data sourced online and from online pharmacies regularly bodies, all facts point to them not being a safe online pharmacy. has over 90% poor reviews on Trustpilot which proves that it's highly not recommended at all...
  5. R reviews

    From every indication, looks like a scam online pharmacy. LegitScript declared it a rogue online pharmacy. has it among online pharmacies that are not accredited, so it's not safe to order drugs from them. There is only one review on Trustpilot...
  6. S Reviews

    How can you review this pharmacy?
  7. D Reviews

    Hi, good people. Is this a legit pharmacy, according to how you see or have had an experience with it?
  8. B Reviews

    Alert! Please beware of this scam! Online apothecary is very good at swindling money from people. You'll never see your order after paying.
  9. River Santana Reviews

    Hey! I believe this is the place to drop some of the fake pharmacies you know about — like the way I know about What's your say about it?
  10. Ashlee Browning Reviews

    I need some reviews from this forum.
  11. G Reviews

    The strangely named pharmacy above is a con. Please avoid it. You may also add your comments so that others can know exactly why it doesn't fit the list of safe pharmacies.
  12. B Reviews

    I've added this pharmacy to the "Scam Online Pharmacies" category because I think it's unsafe. Can you help me prove that please?
  13. Juliet Oconnell reviews

    One of the roguest! What's your say?
  14. Alex Reviews

    Can anyone help me with useful information about ? I learnt that Canadian pharmacies are one of the most trusted and popular places to buy drugs, medicines, supplements and other health products online. But which of the online pharmacy can we vouch for should all...
  15. Adams Reviews

    Hi guys, I really need your help on this site which I have checked online at and it proves to be legit and authentic and safe, but, I still want to hear your views about it. Has anyone patronized the site and how is...
  16. Marley Riddle reviews

    When I first loaded into this webshop's homepage, I immediately knew that it runs a fraudulent pharmacy. Please help me prove this, good people.
  17. Jayvon Hickman reviews

    Can you people please help me with some reviews from yourselves? I don't trust the ones on the website. I trust this forum more because of these your real-time reviews.
  18. torrie reviews

    Canadian here from Montreal, Quebec. I have been trying to stop smoking for the past couple of years without any sorts of supplements, drugs, gums, etc, but never succeeded for more than a couple of weeks. I just came across this website -, they claim to have an office in...
  19. Lizbeth Stafford reviews

    Hey guys, have anyone used ?? Is it legit ?? Thanks.
  20. Clarke Reviews

    Hi everyone, I need your help on the authenticity of, I was hoping to get to know that they provide world-class medicine at 100% cheap price which got me confused as to the quality of their drugs, can quality drugs be really cheap and affordable? Kindly help with any...