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  1. Roberto Reviews - Scam or Legit? is a safe online pharmacy if you are looking at ordering meds that won't be fake or expired, it's very important that you order from them. which is one of the biggest reviews websites rated them 4.9 stars with lots of positive reviews from those who ordered from...
  2. M

    Children's Medicine & Health Care

    Where can I find a variety of medicine for babies and toddlers? 👶👧 Please recommend trusted service, convenient and safe shopping online! I'm interested in baby cough & cold medicine, chewable medicines, and more.
  3. ALEJANDRO sentencing non-Canadian countries to death is a safe online pharmacy for the 9 Canadian provinces. Even though they are registered with, CIPA, and not in the database of LegitScript, they have a well-known business record in Canada with lots of positive and well-satisfied customers. But with them...
  4. ADOLPH taking advantage of Coronavirus situations

    Coronavirus outbreak has been very popular over the months since its emergence in Wuhan China with the death toll increasing everyday and number of new cases. But here comes one of test and trusted safe online pharmacies who have a positive track record of selling...
  5. M one of the best I have used

    Hi, is one of the best pharmacies I have used so far. The services were just great. What do you think about this site?? Do they deliver during this Covid-19 outbreak??
  6. I (Your Canada Drugstore) Reviews

    Has anyone used this site?? The reviews seem good, but I just need to know your reviews to be sure. Is this site delivering drugs these days during the corona outbreak???
  7. L Reviews

    This is not an online pharmacy and that's the first thing that confuses me when I want to evaluate its legitimacy. People praise it for being a very reliable prescription provider. May I know what you think?
  8. S Reviews

    Hey, pals. I need your reviews about this pharmacy. As to me, it's safe, but I may have gone wrong somewhere while evaluating its safety. Hope you'll be happy to help.
  9. A Reviews

    Hello, dear forum users! I have recently come across HealthyMale drugstore a few times on the net, I think it is popular now. Has anyone ordered there? How was the delivery? 📦
  10. E Reviews

    I need some reviews about this pharmacy. I think it's safe, but I can't make the decision alone. Hope you can help.
  11. Melina Hanson is legit or scam??

    Is a legit site or a scam?? If anyone has used this site, please give me your comments. Thank you.
  12. Kendra Mueller

    Can be a good place to order?

    I've been looking for where I can make drugs orders for my kid sister that is having flu because of the weather that we are having and I bounced on A check on PharmacyChecker shows that they are accredited and allowed to sell drugs. Do you see that as enough reason to...
  13. C Reviews is a US-based safe online pharmacy, according to me and LegitScript. What's your take?
  14. Dr.Fine

    Canadian pharmacies have been demonized a lot, even by the FDA and NABP. And, it's not because they're from Canada, but because most of them are ROGUE! In fact, most don't even hail from Canada but use it as a ploy to lure unsuspecting customers into their scam. However, a few of them are often...
  15. J Reviews

    My fiance wants to make a birth control pills order from an online pharmacy but torn between decisions whether to make such order from as some of the reviews that we saw online shows it is regulated by CIPA but I can't figure out why ScamAdviser didn't give a full...
  16. R Reviews

    I'm trying to check some pharmacies on the internet where I can order drugs and I got landed on I was about to make some orders from it but the 64% trust rate that one of the top reviews about reviews that I read got me worried. Do you think I should go...
  17. robin Reviews

    Has anyone heard or used I looked and they have a 4.8 Trustpilot rating. Does this mean anything? Should I trust them or not? I would greatly appreciate any feedback that anyone has for me on this one.
  18. Amy jo Reviews

    What are everyone’s thoughts and experiences with this online pharmacy?
  19. ratan

    Lloyds Pharmacy

    Has anyone ever heard of Lloyds Pharmacy? I read about it a while ago, but never checked them out. I know that someone said they were expensive, but you did not need any prescription. Does anyone have any experience with this company?
  20. H Reviews

    Does anyone have any experience with They are a Canadian online Pharmacy. They look legit online to me, but I would like to know if anyone has ordered from them before.