1. Elizbeth

    Legal ways to generate a doctor's prescription?

    I’m in desperate need of some meds for my son and I wondered if there was any way to legally get a doctor's prescription without having to visit a doctor? I’m not able to take time off work to visit the doctor and I’m really worried about my son's health.
  2. Jackie

    How to create a fake doctor prescription

    In case you want to get a prescription for free and generate it yourself, there are some services that might be of help. For example, I usually use this Online Doctor Prescription Generator. To log in as a doctor, you should type the following: Username: doctor Password: 123456# After that...
  3. Oskar

    Where to consult a doctor online

    There are plenty of services on the net offering doctor consultations. The process is simple - at first you are texting or talking to a specialist: you will be asked to enumerate your symptoms and answer some clarifying questions. After that, a doctor will be ready to prescribe you meds for...
  4. Jackie

    Aren't generic prescriptions always cheaper?

    I was looking at some online prices for my current medication and the generic ones have always been less for me. It would appear as though they are about the same price, if not more in this case. I am not sure why. I have never shopped for prescriptions online, so maybe I am overlooking something?
  5. Barida

    Have you ever got any drug prescription from online before?

    Greetings to lovers of good health and the right medication. As we know, the world is at that point where we can get equal assistance on health issues from online pharmacies as we can from ones around us. So, I was wondering if anyone has had a drug prescription from any online pharmacy?