1. D

    Buying meds without prescription

    Can I buy drugs online without a prescription? Share the advantages and disadvantages of it, please.
  2. B

    Refill Prescription for Stimulant Medications

    How can I refill a prescription for my stimulant medications? Every doctor online tells me that they can't refill my prescription online. What's the best way out?
  3. stephannie

    How can I buy prescription drugs on Amazon?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get any useful guide or hint on how to buy prescription drugs on Has anyone done anything of such and what are the possible challenges or things I should probably take note about ahead of time? I am not a fan of buying drugs online, but since I...
  4. A

    Online Doctors

    Has anyone ever gotten an online prescription through an online doctor? I have seen where some people visit doctors over the internet through a video chat to diagnose the issue they are having. Do these doctors give prescriptions?
  5. R

    Do any pharmacies carry smoking ceasation prescriptions?

    Do you know of any pharmacies online that sell smoking ceasing prescription products? I really want to stop smoking but none of the over the counter meds work for me. Please let me know if you have any experience with this.
  6. Fabian

    Is it illegal to print online prescriptions at home myself?

    I know that it’s illegal to print a fake prescription, but if a doctor prescribed and sent one to me, am I able to print it out at home?
  7. Nicolas

    My daughter has a milk intolerance and I need to order a milk supplement by prescription

    My daughter is allergic to almost all baby milk brands available in stores and I need to order online a milk supplement. What online pharmacy is best for baby milk supplements?
  8. Scarlet

    Is an online prescription legally valid or not?

    Nope online prescription is not valid because you need to check yourself up physically in real so that the doctor understands each and every problem and examines them properly. However, some chemists show leniency in keeping a check on to it and provide those drugs easily.
  9. Karina

    Is online prescription really useful?

    There are some important online pharmacies whose prescriptions are really useful, though not all. In this online pharmacy, you can find and order any medication that you might need to buy. You can save your time and you can also save yourself some money.
  10. King

    Free or paid prescription: which one do you trust and prefer?

    There are so many online pharmacies that are willing to offer free prescription in order to get more customers to purchase from them. It's actually a good strategy because people love free stuff that allows them to save more money. But on the other hand, there are some pharmacies you pay for...
  11. Brinna98

    Should I take a prescription online without showing a doctor?

    In my opinion, the online prescription should not be taken at all, Because the disease is not a sport, it must be serious, and since it is a bit expensive, While the disease is at the point of dying, it is necessary to look at the doctor by examining the disease. Then prescription & medicine...
  12. Albert

    Questions you should ask about any new prescription

    One important thing about getting the right prescription for your ailment treatment is because it helps you to know when things are going well with your treatment or wrong. If you ever happen to get a new prescription from your physician whether online or offline, there are certain questions...
  13. Brushra

    Do you have issues with off-label prescription?

    Off-label prescription is a legal medical practice where physicians prescribe a drug approved by the FDA for specific use for different diseases or ailments, in different dosages as the physician sees fit. Simply put, it's when doctors prescribe drugs outside of FDA guidelines. Some patients...
  14. E

    Doctors and prescriptions?

    I know there are good doctors and bad doctors. The question is: do most doctors care more about making money from drug companies or more about their patients and their health? I dunno....this is a tough one and I wanted other opinions.
  15. E

    How can I get anti-depression medicine without a doctor's prescription?

    How can I get anti-depression medicine without a doctor's prescription? Is there any kind of anti-depression medicine for sale without a doctor's prescription?
  16. Christina

    Generating a fake prescription online

    Have you ever considered generating a fake prescription online or getting prescription meds without a prescription?
  17. Roberts

    Choosing between free and paid online prescription

    In my country, people don't really value some things that are being offered free, so most businesses are set up to be offered at a higher cost because most people here believe that the costly services are the best ones. So, in a situation where a prescription is set up to be freely given and...
  18. Roberts

    Online prescription or physical doctor face to face prescription?

    Individual differences in human beings play a very huge role in influencing our choices and decisions when it comes to deciding whether to get drugs prescription online or going to meet with a doctor at the hospital. Some people might be as a result of not being able to afford to pay the doctor...
  19. Roberts

    Do you trust getting your prescription online?

    Most of the things we do today when it comes to matters concerning our health can virtually be done online through pharmacies set up to offer such services. But for some obvious reason, there are trust issues emanating from using such means as a result of fakes and unqualified personnel hiding...
  20. Elizbeth

    Are there sites to purchase a doctors prescription online?

    Does anyone know if there are sites online where you can buy an authentic and legal doctor's prescription? Thanks!