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  1. morthematt

    We are the best and most reliable suppliers of all forms of pain pills online with 98% purity at cheap and affordable prices with discreet packaging and overnight shipping worldwide. We are suppliers of various brands of, medications and health products that are safe, available, and affordable...
  2. A Reviews

    It appears illegitimate but worth giving a shot, though slow.
  3. B Reviews

    Very shady! What do you think?
  4. B Reviews

    Hello? I need your views about this pharmacy. I trust this platform than other review websites. Hope you'll be happy to help.
  5. redditpharma2

    Xanax Green Xanax green is the extended-release version of Alprazolam with the maximum potency, i.e., 3mg. It is a short-acting tranquilizer of the triazolobenzodiazepine (TBZD) medication class, which is a benzodiazepine fused with triazole rings. It is an effective medication used to treat...
  6. Anderson Reviews

    Hello, my friends! How are you doing here?? Wanted to order some meds for my mother and found a website that caught my attention. Let me ask you what you think about it. I wish you good health!
  7. M Reviews is a fake online pharmacy which is located in China where there are so many fake online pharmacies. They have no regulatory approval from, CIPA or The reviews found online about them were given before the domain was created and they...
  8. M Reviews is an online pharmacy located in China. They deal mainly with male health drugs, especially for erectile dysfunction. Looking at the online pharmacy, they are newly set up with lots of issues coming up when you review it. They have no customer reviews on because...
  9. S Reviews - 100% Scam! supposedly is meant to be selling drugs online for its customers, both brand and generic products but there are so many red flags that are raised about the legitimacy of the online pharmacy as a safe one or a scam which all the information generated points to the online pharmacy...
  10. S Reviews

    I was looking to order my grandmother's cancer meds Revlimid and this online pharmacy was recommended to me. I had to take time to evaluate it and found so many errors that show they are fake. They had no reviews on, they were not even acknowledged by the owner as he never...
  11. Jake Reviews

    Everyone is always looking for a safe online pharmacy to order their drugs from, whether it's generic or brand meds. But if you are worried about your life, never order drugs from because they are full time fake as well as scam online pharmacy. didn't...
  12. Jake Reviews supposedly sells both generic and brand drugs for both male and female patients but before ordering from them, take time to study them and know if they are safe to order meds from. They have to review whatsoever from which is one of the biggest reviews websites...
  13. R Reviews

    If you are looking for the best words to use and describe, it would be DANGER! This is because from all information gathered about the online pharmacy, they are absolutely fake and no one should risk ordering even Vitamins C tablets from them. They are not recognized by...
  14. R Reviews - Scam or Legit? is a safe online pharmacy if you are looking at ordering meds that won't be fake or expired, it's very important that you order from them. which is one of the biggest reviews websites rated them 4.9 stars with lots of positive reviews from those who ordered from...
  15. K Reviews

    Found a new online pharmacy and want to order meds prescribed by my doctor there. What do you think: is it a good idea??
  16. E Reviews

    What's up, guys?? Found this forum recently and wanna know if you really help here... I have questions about
  17. A

    What's about

    Please give your opinion on this pharmacy website - Thanks in advance 🙏
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    Hello forum users 🤩 I'm new here but need to know what you will say about Did any of you order anything from this website??
  19. N Reviews

    Hey, what do u think of They say they've worldwide shipping, various bonuses and discounts, high-quality drugs and more than a million customers...
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    How is

    Hello 😇 So glad to have found the forum where I can ask about a particular online pharmacy! What do you think about