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    If you are looking for the best words to use and describe, it would be DANGER! This is because from all information gathered about the online pharmacy, they are absolutely fake and no one should risk ordering even Vitamins C tablets from them. They are not recognized by...
  2. R Reviews - Scam or Legit? is a safe online pharmacy if you are looking at ordering meds that won't be fake or expired, it's very important that you order from them. which is one of the biggest reviews websites rated them 4.9 stars with lots of positive reviews from those who ordered from...
  3. K Reviews

    Found a new online pharmacy and want to order meds prescribed by my doctor there. What do you think: is it a good idea??
  4. E Reviews

    What's up, guys?? Found this forum recently and wanna know if you really help here... I have questions about
  5. A

    What's about

    Please give your opinion on this pharmacy website - Thanks in advance 🙏
  6. C Reviews

    Hello forum users 🤩 I'm new here but need to know what you will say about Did any of you order anything from this website??
  7. N Reviews

    Hey, what do u think of They say they've worldwide shipping, various bonuses and discounts, high-quality drugs and more than a million customers...
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    How is

    Hello 😇 So glad to have found the forum where I can ask about a particular online pharmacy! What do you think about
  9. S Reviews

    Hey guys! :) I want to order Kamagra with a good discount and thinking about this online pharmacy. What's your opinion? :unsure:
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    Hello! My friend says this pharmacy is legit but I'm not sure about it. Will you help figure out, please? 🙏
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    Wanted to buy Viagra and came across this site - I need to know whether you find the pharmacy safe or not! Please help to figure out.
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    Hello, world! I'm new to the forum and this is my first thread. Hope you will help me decide whether I should rely on if I want to order brand Cialis...
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    Is pharmacy reliable?? Want to order Kamagra from them. Do you think it is worth it?
  14. M Reviews

    Hello, forum users! I found in google search in the leading positions. I seek your help, want to find out more about this online pharmacy.
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    Hello, friends! Have you ordered anything there? They claim to be a Licensed, Reputable & Certified Canadian Pharmacy but I'm a bit unsure. Want to hear your reviews!
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    Don't trust killer pharmacy,

    A visit to may come up with them saying that they are not fake and does deliver, but I was left furious when I discovered that they lack CIPA approval or that doesn't matter to you?
  17. D Reviews - Dubious Pharmacy

    I don't know if anyone has tried making meds orders from My findings show that that's the pharmacy to avoid at all costs. See attached picture for proof.
  18. ALEJANDRO sentencing non-Canadian countries to death is a safe online pharmacy for the 9 Canadian provinces. Even though they are registered with, CIPA, and not in the database of LegitScript, they have a well-known business record in Canada with lots of positive and well-satisfied customers. But with them...
  19. ADOLPH taking advantage of Coronavirus situations

    Coronavirus outbreak has been very popular over the months since its emergence in Wuhan China with the death toll increasing everyday and number of new cases. But here comes one of test and trusted safe online pharmacies who have a positive track record of selling...
  20. M one of the best I have used

    Hi, is one of the best pharmacies I have used so far. The services were just great. What do you think about this site?? Do they deliver during this Covid-19 outbreak??