non-prescription drugs

  1. D

    Buying meds without prescription

    Can I buy drugs online without a prescription? Share the advantages and disadvantages of it, please.
  2. R

    Can I get sex boosters without prescriptions?

    My fiance has been having this overdrive libido and I need to satisfy him. Please ideas on where I can get sex pills without prescriptions will be appreciated.
  3. King

    LIoyspharmacy offers selling ED drugs without prescription

    It's been known that some men have issues with coming open with their erectile dysfunction because of the shame it brings them, this has made some to be dying in silence but LIoyspharmacy have stepped in to help such men to use the internet to get all the treatment they need without having to...
  4. Idella

    Can a pharmacy that requires no prescriptions be safe?

    Anybody ever used one of those online pharmacies without prescription required? How does it work and which ones are for real? :unsure::unsure::unsure: