1. Venera

    Generic or Brand, what's your spec?

    Assuming that there is a version of a brand drug that got its generic and both got the same quality, what will determine the choice you make?
  2. R

    Can I get sex boosters without prescriptions?

    My fiance has been having this overdrive libido and I need to satisfy him. Please ideas on where I can get sex pills without prescriptions will be appreciated.
  3. Kendrick Colon

    Brand-name or generic; the best affordable quality meds

    Are all affordable meds generic? If yes; are all the affordable, quality meds only generics?
  4. Kaitlynn Cain

    Prices of brand-name drugs

    Why do brand-name drugs still have high costs despite the presence of more cost-effective generics in the market?
  5. C

    Ear drops

    I have been having ear aches a lot lately. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with any meds that work well for earache? I was not sure if there were any over the counters that worked well or if you had better luck with a prescription drug.
  6. F

    Can expired drugs still be effective?

    I keep wondering if expired pills can still be effective in taking care of a health problem? I have anxiety pills that have expired say 2 months ago, I'm wondering if it's possible to still be effective or should I just throw them away and get new ones?
  7. A

    Where should I look for the best migraine pills?

    I am looking for migraine pills as I have been suffering from them a lot lately. Can anyone tell me any reputable pharmacy that I can purchase them from that they have good experience from?
  8. J

    Diabetes insulin

    Are there any pharmacies that offer insulin for my diabetes at a decent price? It seems to keep skyrocketing for me, and I am not sure why. I would really like to find a pharmacy that will charge a fair and reasonable price.
  9. I

    Weight loss drugs

    Where are the best online pharmacies to buy weight loss drugs? I am looking for something that will work. Not necessarily fast but works good and is very safe. I do not want something with tons of side effects either, such as being dizzy.
  10. I

    Menstrual cramps

    I get extremely bad menstrual cramps each month. They usually last for three or four days. I have missed work because they are so bad. Are there any over the counter meds or even prescription meds that can help resolve this issue so I do not have to suffer so much?
  11. A

    Is there a generic of Lyrica?

    Is there a generic version of Lyrica? I was recently told my sister was prescribed this but it is very expensive. She was told that there is not a generic for it, but I wanted to double-check as they had told her at the pharmacy before this for a different drug and there was a generic for it.
  12. R

    Which websites provide high quality high blood pressure meds?

    Which websites do you know of that provide high-quality high blood pressure medications? I need something that really works well that is on the inexpensive side as I do not have a lot of extra money left over each month but need to be on something to control this health issue.
  13. R

    Affordable medications for Chelitis

    I suffer from Cheilitis and get it very bad in the winter. It is basically dry cracks in the corners of my mouth. It really hurts. And can look bad at times. I have tried everything for it. Vaseline, lip balm, zinc, lysine, extra hydration, peroxide, tea tree, diaper rash cream, and more...
  14. Naana

    What are the cheapest migraine meds?

    I have awful migraines but am currently on a budget- any suggestions?
  15. robin

    Where can I find inexpensive migraine medications?

    Hello all. Where can I find inexpensive migraine medications? Some days my migraines are just so awful that I only want to sleep. Noises and heat bother me, as do smells. I often just want to vomit. I need some medications that can help relieve this for me safely.
  16. Daphna

    Where can I get cream or tablets to help my joint pain?

    I’m having really bad pains all over my back, elbows, and knees. My joins aren’t what they used to be! Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I can get reasonably priced meds? Either in the cream or tablet form is fine.
  17. Sane broud

    Affordable medicine for clinical depression?

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with depression and wondered where I could get affordable medicine for my ailment that is of high quality too. I usually take fluoxetine, so anywhere that specifically sells these would be really helpful.
  18. ratan

    Amoxicillin prices

    I found an online pharmacy that is selling Amoxil for $44 for a pill (if you buy 360). Does this seem like a reasonable price to you or can you find it cheaper? In case you did not know, this is used to treat many bacterial infections.
  19. Boris

    Has anyone tried Phentermine?

    Has anyone tried Phentermine to lose weight? I was on it two months ago and it made me so dizzy that I had to stop taking it. Anyone else ever experiences this? I mean yes I want to lose some weight but I also can not stand being dizzy. And that dizzy feeling just never went away the whole time...
  20. Emmanuel

    Why are drugs purchased in online pharmacy cheaper?

    I have always been very curious about the secret behind why the same drugs that are expensive in physical pharmacies or hospitals are very cheaper when they are being bought through pharmacies online? Seriously, it just doesn't add up for me because they are the same drugs sold through different...