generic meds

  1. K

    Generic medications

    Which one is good - generic or conventional medicines? Why???
  2. A

    Commonplace Generics

    Many generic drug brands are nowadays getting into the market, and it's hard to trust most of them. Therefore, it's better to use the ones that have already built trust with people.
  3. Venera

    Generic or Brand, what's your spec?

    Assuming that there is a version of a brand drug that got its generic and both got the same quality, what will determine the choice you make?
  4. Kendrick Colon

    Brand-name or generic; the best affordable quality meds

    Are all affordable meds generic? If yes; are all the affordable, quality meds only generics?
  5. geyej46060

    Price increase of generic drugs

    One key feature of generic drugs is that they are cheaper and accessible each time a patient wants to buy it. However, I have noticed that when celebration like Christmas is coming up, the price of drugs especially the generic ones tends to increase. How can one handle such a challenge?
  6. B

    Is there a generic version of every brand drug?

    While I was getting some pills for the flu that hit me when I was on a vacation with my fiance in Houston, I began to wonder if there are drugs that got only the brand version of it and no generic. Is there any as I would like to know what makes a brand drug gets to the generic side of it.
  7. Hia96

    Where are generic pills manufactured?

    I heard they are manufactured overseas, mostly in India and China. And these countries are called risky. So is it safe to but generics??
  8. Lameckron

    Generics everywhere?

    Is there a generic version of every drug in the market?
  9. icimiddleton

    How much generic drugs are cheaper?

    Hey, I would like to know how much generic drugs are cheap than brand ones?
  10. E

    Generic drugs in the USA?

    How long does a prescription drug have to be on the market before they can make a generic version of it?
  11. Richardson

    Brand vs generic drugs?

    What is the difference between generic drugs and a brand name? Are they made exactly the same? Pros and cons of verses each other? Your thoughts? All answers and replies appreciated.
  12. hafijbd

    Why generic drugs are cheaper?

    Why are generics cheaper than medicines with brand names?
  13. Jackie

    What is the generic version of OxyContin?

    I was reading about this and got mixed messages so now I am not sure. I have a small prescription of it I get every month for my back to enable me to be able to work. I was reading that in most cases, the generic versions are cheaper when it comes to pain killers. Does anyone have any...
  14. Jackie

    Aren't generic prescriptions always cheaper?

    I was looking at some online prices for my current medication and the generic ones have always been less for me. It would appear as though they are about the same price, if not more in this case. I am not sure why. I have never shopped for prescriptions online, so maybe I am overlooking something?
  15. Alfredo

    What is a generic prescription of a drug?

    If I get a prescription from a doctor for a medication I need, instead of paying $300 odd for the 30 day supply, could I just sign up with Wallmarts pharmacy and pay $4 for the 30 day supply? What is the drawback of this? What is a generic prescription of a drug? :confused::confused: