forum feedback

  1. R

    What have you experienced with this site?

    I have got lots of experience with this site, and you??
  2. Taylor

    Site Trophies

    Hi admin @Brandon I got a notification message that I have been awarded a trophy for the first message. Here are some other trophies which I found to be won, but what can I get in exchange for these trophies I won? First message Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this. Somebody...
  3. Brandon

    Need your feedback!

    It's very important for us to have a convenient user-friendly forum where you can find answers to your questions, share ideas and experiences, get some advice, so we would be more than happy if you paid attention to this thread and say some words about this forum, maybe you have some suggestions...
  4. Barida

    I am happy to be here!

    Good day fellow members. I was looking for a place I can do a bit of introduction and couldn't see till I got here. I feel so happy being a part of rxdiscuss forum that talks about health care and how one can get help from online pharmacies. My name is Chibuike from Africa and I hope to get...
  5. Brandon

    Category ideas

    Hello, dear users! What other categories do you want to see on our forum? Would be glad to get feedback and hear your advice (y)