fake drugs

  1. B

    How to Check Fake Pills

    I Recommend These Guidelines In Checking Fake Pills https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.medlife.com/blog/10-ways-check-fake-medicines/amp/
  2. Roberto

    Rx-QualityShop.com Reviews

    If you are looking for the best words to use and describe Rx-QualityShop.com, it would be DANGER! This is because from all information gathered about the online pharmacy, they are absolutely fake and no one should risk ordering even Vitamins C tablets from them. They are not recognized by...
  3. R

    What will you do if you buy fake pills?

    I just returned from a trip this morning to realize that the ibuprofen that I got from a physical pharmacy while on the trip was fake. I'm boiling right now and don't know which move to take.
  4. I

    What are the side effects of using fake pills?

    What are the worst side effects that you know of from using fake pills? I assume often that fake pills are made with the cheapest stuff people can find. I would hope that people would not add harmful chemicals to them but I am sure that some of them are made that way. What side effects have you...
  5. Alex

    How to detect fake drugs before buying them online or offline?

    I came across this post on how to detect fake drugs, but I think it's better to narrow it down in a better way which is how to detect fake drugs before buying or paying for them either online or offline. I don't think it makes any sense spending your money to buy fake drugs only to discover they...
  6. Albert

    Detecting a fake pill with paper test card

    A paper test card that costs less than $1 is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of detecting a fake pill especially when there is a time factor to consider. Fake and substandard drugs have killed more than 300,000 people worldwide especially in developing countries. The scientists Marya...
  7. E

    How can I find out if I've been given fake pills?

    How can I find out if I've been given fake pills? If the pills break easily like chalk, are these fake pills? how can I find out if I've been given fake medicine... Will I be able to go to a pharmacy and ask for a table to be tested?
  8. Richardson

    What is in a fake Roxy 30 pill?

    My friend bought some fake Roxy 30 pills (without knowing they were fake) and got a really bad headache after. I guess someone else had to go to the er from them. I was just curious what a fake pill is, couldn't find anything about it on the net ...
  9. Sam6065

    Chemical tests for fake drugs?

    Are there tests that can be done for medicines bought online to test their authenticity and concentration? Maybe any testing sets I can buy from amazon to check for my regular purchases?
  10. Henry

    Lady died from ordering drugs online

    What we should always try to do is to be careful about how we buy drugs from online pharmacies. After news of a lady that died in 2017 after taking an overdose of codeine, the medical authorities are looking at taking drastic measures. Debbie Headspeath bought codeine from a British online...
  11. hafijbd

    How can I detect fake pills?

    Are there any methods to detect fake pills at home?
  12. Martinsx

    Who is responsible?

    Since it's very difficult to checkmate how one purchases and uses drugs from online pharmacies if such actions result in a health problem, who should be held accountable for it? The person that purchased the drugs online or the online pharmacy?
  13. Martinsx

    Don't buy pills from local cheap chemist

    Life is something that one should never play or gamble with especially when it comes to one's medical treatment with pills after conducting laboratory tests. There is no denying the fact that roadside chemists would sell pills at cheaper prices but the question should be at what expense...
  14. Barida

    Using mobile authentication to discover fake drugs

    The world of technology is making things easier and that has affected the way that we buy drugs whether online or at the pharmaceutical stores around us. Some years back, what you depend on when checking the originality of drugs is just the registered number printed on the packet, but with the...
  15. Brandon

    Do a test

    One of the best tests you can do at home is to heat a small glassful of water to bath temperature and see if one of the pills dissolves completely in the water. This works because bath temperature is roughly human body temperature, however, counterfeiters sometimes use talc, dolomite or gypsum...