erectile dysfunction

  1. T

    Can one get sexual boosters online?

    I've started finding it difficult to keep an erection for a while now and such has been disturbing to me. I will really appreciate it if anyone gonna provides an online pharmacy where I can order for sexual drugs online. Thank you.
  2. I

    What do you think of beer being attributed to some erectile dysfunctional issues?

    I was going through a publication a few weeks ago and got to the point where a particular article was talking about how drinking a lot of alcoholic beer can cause erectile dysfunction. I don't know what you think about it but here is the link to read more about it.
  3. King

    LIoyspharmacy offers selling ED drugs without prescription

    It's been known that some men have issues with coming open with their erectile dysfunction because of the shame it brings them, this has made some to be dying in silence but LIoyspharmacy have stepped in to help such men to use the internet to get all the treatment they need without having to...
  4. hafijbd

    What is the main cause of erectile dysfunction?

    Obesity and metabolic syndrome may trigger changes in blood pressure, body structure, and cholesterol that may lead to ED. Other circumstances that may lead to erectile dysfunction include Parkinson's disease, sclerosis, Peyronie's illness, sleep disorders, alcoholism, and drug abuse. But what...
  5. hafijbd

    Is erectile dysfunction curable?

    I wonder is erectile dysfunction curable?
  6. hafijbd

    Improving erectile function

    Can you tell me how I can improve my erectile function?
  7. Martinsx

    What is the best way to cure erectile dysfunction?

    Erectile dysfunction is a situation when a man fails to have a firm erection in order to effectively have sex with his partner. A lot of people suffer erectile dysfunction lately and it's only a few that are seeking intensive treatment while others are shy to open up about their sexual life...
  8. Martinsx

    Erectile dysfunction and penis size

    I keep wondering if there is any way one penis size would have any significant impact on such individuals having erectile dysfunction. If the size of the penis matters, does one's with the big penis have chances of not having erectile dysfunction or do they tend to suffer from it more? Do...
  9. Martinsx

    Sexually transmitted diseases and infections cause erectile dysfunction

    The reason why it's always advocated by health organizations to have protected sex is to prevent sexually transmitted diseases from getting into one's system by the act of intercourse. Most of these infections and diseases go a long way to damaging one's sexual organs and rendering them...
  10. Martinsx

    Avoid using sexual performance pills

    Every man always appreciates being a pro in his sexual life because it makes their woman, wife, mistress, girlfriend love them more and as a result of that, most men resort to using sexual performance pills like viagra and a lot more just to boost their sexual performance and last well in sexual...
  11. Jackie

    Has anyone tried maca root for ED?

    My husband has been struggling with ED for a few years now. After going to several doctors, it has been determined that his testosterone levels are a bit too low for his age which could be the reason for this. He has tried a few medications that did not help and he refuses to rely on something...
  12. Martinsx

    Can premature ejaculation be considered erectile dysfunction?

    Premature ejaculation is very serious for any man in this world because such a person would never sexually satisfy his women. There have been lots of stories of home breakup and divorce as a result of the man's inability to sexually satisfy his wife. Premature ejaculation happens in less than...
  13. Martinsx

    Excessive masturbation causes erectile dysfunction

    Masturbation is something most people both young and old take pleasure in for further their sexual life. Some have taken to it so much that it became a habit and part of them in which they masturbate almost every day once they are alone. There is no denying that masturbation feels good but the...
  14. Barida

    Watermelon as an erectile dysfunction fighter

    I was making research on the types of fruits that can help one to reduce the risk of having erectile dysfunction and I came across watermelon. According to studies, it was discovered that watermelons some interesting ingredients known as Phytonutrients that work on the body as well as...
  15. Barida

    Do you know that avoiding sugar can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction?

    Erectile dysfunction as we know can arise as a result of a man being unable to perform better sexually. As we know, this situation is disturbing as it can lead to many not even being able to satisfy the partner sexually. However, are you aware that the amount of sugar that you take every day, as...
  16. Brushra

    What do you know about erectile dysfunction?

    I have heard about it, what is it? What are the symptoms, & treatment of it? How does a boy/guy get that problem? :unsure: