discount codes

  1. A

    Most Coupons are Scam!

    I recently realized that most pharmacies raise the prices of drugs and give coupons to reduce the price by the amount raised. For example, a drug that costs $10 is given a $16 price tag and then a coupon helps you take off the $6.
  2. J

    Insulin coupons

    Where can I find the best insulin coupons? I have diabetes and it just seems to keep getting higher and higher. I fear one day I will not be able to afford my insulin-like I should be. Looking for the best pharmacies with the best coupons, please.
  3. M

    Can I use more than one coupon?

    Will pharmacies let you use more than one coupon per purchase? If I have a coupon for one RX, and then another for another RX, can they be used together online? Or if I have two coupons for the same RX, will a pharmacy let me use both?
  4. B

    Any online pharmacy offering end of the year discount?

    I'm looking at taking orders from an online pharmacy straight from Canada down to my place in the US and would want to know if there is an online drug store you know that offers a huge discount on delivery fee just for the season. Do you know any?
  5. King

    Do coupons expire?

    An old classmate recently told me the coupon he wanted to use to purchase his meds online were tagged to be expired. How's that possible? Ever since I have been using online pharmacy coupons to purchase drugs online with discounts, I have never heard anything like that one's coupons has...
  6. Brinna98

    Is a pharmacy coupon really beneficial?

    YES... Some pharmacy coupons are beneficial because there are a lot of drug discounts available. But this is not the case for all pharmacies again, some pharmaceuticals deceive people by using coupons.
  7. A

    What is the best quality meds I can buy with a discount code?

    Does anyone know if there are any high-quality online pharmacy sites that are usually expensive but are offering promotional discount codes or coupons to make them affordable?
  8. A

    Are there sites that can email me the latest coupons available?

    I spend so much time trying to find the latest coupons, but it would be so much easier if I could have them all emailed to me. Is there any site I can sign up to be emailed regularly with these codes? Thanks.
  9. Alfredo

    Is discount coupon legit?

    I stumbled across an offer from which says it offers up to 80 % discount on drugs purchased with their coupon. So, I decided to share it here for everyone to check out. The link gives you access to the coupon.
  10. Roberts

    How much have you saved using pharmacy coupons?

    Pharmacy coupons are very helpful in aiding one save money when purchasing their medication from online pharmacy stores. Some coupons can offer up to 40% to 60% off the cost of your prescription depending on the online pharmacy involved. How much have you saved using pharmacy coupons for your...
  11. E

    Can someone under 18 use a pharmacy if they have a coupon for a free glucose meter?

    I have a coupon for a free glucose meter. But I have got to get to a pharmacy to make sure it will work. Do I need a prescription to get it? Can someone under 18 get it? I just give them the coupon and they will give me the meter? Sorry...
  12. Elizbeth

    Are there any online pharmacies that offer loyalty memberships to get discounts?

    Hello! Anyone know of any online pharmacies that offer a loyalty scheme where you can then receive personalised discounts and coupon codes? I buy on such a regular basis it seems like a good idea to see if I’m missing out on some sort of membership program ! Thanks.
  13. Richardson

    Why isn't Walmart taking online coupons?

    Why isn't Walmart taking online coupons? I was at Walmart the other day and that they did not take them. Can someone refer me to a website that says why? Thanks!
  14. icimiddleton

    What is the average discount rate in online pharmacies?

    Hey, I would like to know what the average discount rate in online pharmacies is? I heard there is a huge discount on medicine, is this true?
  15. Caitlin27

    Where can I get coupons or discounts as a regular customer?

    As a regular buyer of online pharmaceuticals, I wondered if there were any specific pharmacies that offer discounts for regular customers? Or perhaps any that have loyalty or reward schemes?
  16. Christina

    How to find pharmacy coupon codes

    If you are interested in buying meds online and want to save some money on them, you can use various websites where discount codes or promo codes are given. Here are some of them: Knoji Savoo...
  17. Jackie

    Does anyone know of any sites that offer "first customer" discounts?

    I would like to try a few different places out before settling so having a discount upfront would help me a lot. The current total for my monthly medications is $320. This does not include my husband! I would like to get a good discount on this. Possibly through generic prescription options as...
  18. Alfredo

    Can I use coupons for the store without having to print coupons online?

    I wanted to go to Michael to buy some stuff and wondered if I could show them my phone with the coupon on it, would they accept it? 💰💰💰
  19. Brandon

    Saving on meds

    We all know that it is possible to save on drugs with coupons that some online drugstores accept. Which types of coupons exist? Where can we find them? :sneaky: