1. B

    Shipping costs

    I once fell prey to hidden shipping costs of up to $69 from Canada to the US. What about you? Which is the highest shipping cost you've ever paid?
  2. Cecelia Martin

    Shipping delay warning

    Just wanted to remind you that whenever you choose to acquire your meds from an online source, you should beware of the shipping times. DO NOT order a drug online if you need it for an emergency. The delay can cost a life.
  3. S

    Do online pharmacies that are not legitimate offer tracking?

    Do online pharmacies that are not legitimate offer tracking? I would think that if they were not legitimate, they would not even care if this was a service offered. I mean, I guess I assume that tracking packages cost them more? Or perhaps that is a cost that is just passed on to the consumer?
  4. Barida

    The vaccines I ordered had a leak

    With the help of a friend staying across the border in Canada, I was able to make orders for a yellow fever vaccine for my little brother for home vaccination instead of spending money to see the doctor. When the drugs arrived, I noticed that one of them was leaking. Should I report to the...
  5. A

    Online pharmacies with free shipping?

    Does anyone know of any online pharmacies that offer free shipping all the time? Not just for first-time customers? Thanks.
  6. Elizbeth

    Should I trust express online pharmacies to deliver my meds fast and to the right family member?

    I’m wondering if anyone has experience with an express online pharmacy delivery service that makes sure the item is delivered to the right family member, as well as have a fast shipping time. I ask because many concerns have been raised with some delivery drivers working on a tight time schedule...
  7. Richardson

    Does anybody apprehend a web pharmacy that ships really quickly?

    I am trying to buy Periactin without a prescription. If there's an online pharmacy that does ships overnight or in 3 days that would be good.
  8. Barida

    What will you do if you have expired drugs shipped to you?

    I have been thinking of making orders from medicine delivery from an online pharmacy in another state far from mine and this thought struck me. What if they end up shipping some of the drugs that have expired to me and I get to find out? If such things happen to you or have happened, how will...
  9. Sam6065

    Tracking online meds through shipping?

    Are there any online pharmacies that allow you to track your item through the post from dispatch to delivery? I’d find this helpful in trying to decide how much of my meds to take as it’ll depend on how long it’ll take for the item to come, and I can estimate this from the tracking I think! Thanks.
  10. Caitlin27

    Express delivery of medicines

    Hello, I’m trying to find an online pharmacy that offers fast or express delivery of medicines so that I can get the items I need without having to wait too long. It would be highly beneficial as it would be less stressful as I am coming to the end of the medicines I have left if I knew that the...
  11. Martinsx

    Banned drugs

    One thing that is common all over the world is that there are some drugs that are banned in such countries but are not banned in others. Take, for instance, Tramadol is banned in my country but it's a free legit drug in other countries. So some online pharmacies can actually ship such banned...
  12. Martinsx

    Form of drugs and shipping

    There was an argument among our colleagues in the office today about which drug makeup or form is easier to be shipped from one country to another after the drugs have been purchased online. There were lots of variables that came up in the discussion like which one is more delicate and as a...
  13. kevin001

    Trusted pharmacies and their shipping rates

    There are many online pharmacies, and they have their own shipping rates and time. ZOOM Pharmacy FREE shipping for 3 or more items $5 shipping fee may (apply for 1-2 items ) items received within 1-2 working days Please add other trusted pharmacy details so it is easy for others to select...
  14. Theoheat

    Loss of shipment

    Shipping drugs from one country to another involves certain risks and one of the most pressing ones is the loss of shipments in process. If you have paid for your drugs online, only for it to get lost while on the shipping process, who should bear the burnt of the missing consignment? Would it...
  15. Theoheat

    Delivery of wrong order

    When it comes to the services of having the drugs which you purchased online delivered at home and all you need is to sign for them and pick them up. A lot of things can go wrong in the process before you eventually get your order and one of such variables could be having a different drug...
  16. Theoheat

    Free shipping as incentive to sell more

    The main reason why most people have resorted to purchasing their medication from online pharmacies is partly for convenience and most especially for discount getting purposes. Now, some wise online pharmacies have taken the cost of shipping by offering free shipping services to their customers...
  17. Jackie

    Worldwide shipping

    Does every online pharmacy work with international courier services and deliver packages to different countries? How much does it cost?
  18. Christina

    Shipping methods available in the US

    Online pharmacies usually offer such shipping methods as Airmail delivery and Express Courier Delivery. DHL, FedEx and UPS are some of the express couriers. Which one would you choose if you wanted a quick home delivery of medicines?
  19. Martinsx


    One of the benefits of ordering medicine from online pharmacies is having the drugs being delivered to your home at a convenient time. This is why most people prefer to have their meds ordered online but in a situation where your meds are delayed and it's past your time for taking your...