1. Adams

    Experience With Covid-19 Vaccine

    There are a lot of speculations and stories around the Covid-19 vaccines already in circulation around the world. While some talk about their side effects, others cite inefficiency and other stuff. I need to hear from the horse's mouth; what's the matter with these vaccines? Are they effective...
  2. J

    Is coronavirus going away without cure?

    Hey pals? I think the COVID-19 situation is mysteriously getting better. However, there's no drug for treating the condition. This brings me to thinking that the disease could be going away naturally.
  3. T

    Coronavirus: Punishment from God

    Coronavirus outbreak must have seen as an act as man's mistakes as it was linked to China but other religious institutions believe that it's something much deeper than man's making but an act of God's punishment and a sign of end time. They went on further to explain that it's a prophecy...
  4. M

    Is Coronavirus developed on purpose to reduce the world's population?

    There has been some uncertainty over the motive behind the Coronavirus outbreak. Some people are of the opinion that China has been the chief engineer in developing the virus on purpose in order to cut down the world's increasing population with China having a soaring increase in population...
  5. Nelson

    5G and Coronavirus: Twitter bans Incitement to attack 5G Towers

    5G mobile technology promises a ten-fold increase in data transmission rates compared to current 4G networks, which will be achieved by using a higher transmission frequency. Recently, there have been incessant attacks on 5G towers as many people still believe the theory that the 5G network is...
  6. Alexander Ponce

    Africans in China: COVID19 is not an excuse for racism

    Africans in China is going through a hard time in this period of COVID-19 and #COVID19 is not an excuse for racism. I have to be too many African countries and I can not remember at any point in time when I was treated badly or with disgust. I don't expect our people back in China to have a...
  7. C

    We are in trouble, the president of America is not honest about the COVID-19

    How do we believe anything that the president is telling us again when he's such a liar? We are ranked 38th in the world when it comes to countries running more Convid-19 tests. I am heartbroken by this assertion below 😢
  8. R

    Trump was right, China caused the COVID-19 pandemic

    If you are still wondering why President Donald Trump has decided to withdraw his funding of WHO, read the analysis below The truth is that China deliberately brought this virus and that link confirms it.
  9. Barida

    Is President Trump making the right decision amidst Coronavirus outbreak?

    It's been a difficult time for the world since the start of the year as the coronavirus has gone from being an epidemic to a pandemic. Days ago, the USA recorded the highest death rate of those that died as a result of COVID-19. I don't know if that's the reason our president, Donald Trump, is...
  10. C

    Contact with an infected person

    What will you do if you realized that your closest friend/relative has contacted coronavirus, and you've previously been in close contact with him/her?
  11. Martinsx

    Developing of vaccine

    For months now, development of vaccine for the treatment of CoronaVirus has eluded the CDC or any other medical institutions and the pandemic still keeps spreading. Is it not time to look elsewhere for other options for treating CorVid-19? Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) has been tipped to...
  12. C

    Coronavirus Outbreak

    We all know about the global COVID-19 outbreak, and different people have different information about it. I'm of the idea that we share information with one another; information that we feel can help others out there. Can we do that, please?
  13. B

    Help me find pharmacies to order pills for coronavirus

    Coronavirus doesn't have a cure yet, but patients in the hospital are under treatment attempts with medications that control the disease's assault on their systems — especially their respiratory system. I desperately need some of these drugs. In fact, I'm pleading with anyone who can help me...
  14. S

    Let's discuss coronavirus updates

    I think it's important we discuss Covid-19 and the updates that have been trickling all over the world. This is actually a trying time for humanity and this virus has really made humans to bond and to be one, but what are the latest developments and updates about coronavirus (covid-19), can you...
  15. Martinsx

    Cure vaccine for Coronavirus

    With the whole world battling to find a cure vaccine for Coronavirus, sooner than later the vaccine will be developed. Once it's certified and fully available, do you think it will be sold online or offline or would the government just offer it for free treatment?
  16. Martinsx

    Online Meds and Coronavirus

    Ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus in China, the whole world has been drastically affected and all being too cautious about anything they do, eat or drink, as well as how they associate with other people. Over 2000 people have been confirmed dead from Coronavirus. With the online pharmacy...