1. J

    I missed a dose for taking my Xalkori

    I'm a little confused about how to go about my medication of Xalkori for treating lung cancer I have been battling for a while now. 250mg of Xalkori was prescribed by my doctor and 60 tablets of it are sold for $11,110. I missed a dose, and I'm not sure what to do because I have tried calling...
  2. H

    I'm having minor side effects from taking Afatinib

    I have been taking Afatinib 30mg which was sold for $7,780 for 84 tablets; for almost two weeks now for treating my lung cancer. Everything seems to be working fine until three days ago when I started having some minor side effects. I started feeling dry skin, itching all over my body, and...
  3. P

    Zolinza is prescribed after I was diagnosed with low immune system

    I'm currently suffering from T-Cell Lymphoma (Non-Hodgkin). After a long diagnosis and medical test, it was discovered that I have a low immune system which led the doctor to prescribe Zolinza 100mg for my treatment. In one of our sessions, he mentioned that the cause of the Lymphoma was a...
  4. A

    Taking Inlyta but may lose one kidney

    I have been battling renal (kidney) cancer for almost 4 years now. I have had several treatments which wasn't successful in treating cancer before I was diagnosed again last year and prescribed Inlyta. 5mg Inlyta was what the doctor prescribed for me to keep taking for 3 months. I ordered 56...
  5. N

    If you are pregnant don't take Kisqali

    Kisqali is a breast cancer pill that is taken in combination with other inhibitors like Faslodex which is an injection. They are both effective in treating breast cancer when taken in the right manner. 21 tablets of 200mg Kisqali is sold around $5,540. But I had an unfortunate situation...
  6. B

    Are the side effects of Sutent too much?

    Sutent can be used for treating gastrointestinal tumors which grows in the stomach, intestine and esophagus. It's also used to treat kidney cell cancer as well as cancers that have progressed in such a way that they can't be treated with surgery anymore. Being known as kinase inhibitors...
  7. E


    Hello! :giggle: I'm interested in buying Caprelsa online but it's gonna be my first experience - I have never ordered meds on the internet so I'm kind of puzzled and want to choose the best variant. Can you recommend a safe pharmacy where drugs are sold at affordable prices? 😇
  8. M

    Should Nexavar 200mg or surgery be used?

    My aunty is suffering from both liver and kidney cancer, although they are still in its early stages. After her 3rd diagnosis, Nexavar 200mg was prescribed for the treatment but we are weighing up the option of going for surgery. The meds would cost around $7,000 for 60 capsules of 200mg...
  9. M

    Can Nintedanib (Ofev) help me survive fibrosis?

    I'm currently suffering from bridging fibrosis which is an advanced stage of liver fibrosis seen in the progressive form of chronic liver diseases. Nintedanib was prescribed during my last check-up and it's sold at $2,930 for 60 capsules of 100mg. I have taken way more expensive drugs than...
  10. W

    Stivarga 40mg for colon cancer treatment

    My grandfather has been battling colon and stomach cancer for a long time now and has been under treatment for a long time as well. We recently changed doctor/hospital and a new drug Stivarga 40mg was prescribed. 84 tablets of Stivarga 40mg is sold at $7,830 on, although we...
  11. J

    Is Dasatinib the best for Chronic Myeleoid Leukemia?

    I understand that this may not the best place to seek this advice, but I trust the members here. That's Dasatinib that was recommended by the doctor of James, my neighbor. His daughter is having CML and in serious pain. However, do you suggest they go ahead with the treatment considering...
  12. Alexis

    Using Revlimid or bone marrow transplant?

    My son who's 12 years old is suffering from bone marrow cancer for the past 5 months now. We are weighing up the options of using Revlimid that was prescribed for his treatment which is sold at about $22,300 for 25mg 28 capsules or go for a complete bone marrow transplant. What are the...
  13. F

    Why is Votrient used only for adult treatment?

    I can't still understand why Votrient is used for treating renal cell carcinoma in adults only? Does it mean it can treat the same kidney cancer for kids or teenagers? The last time I checked, it was sold $5,585 for 200 capsules of 200mg. It's major work is stopping the spread of cancer cells...
  14. D

    Would you use Lynparza for ovarian cancer treatment?

    Lynparza is used to treat ovarian, fallopian tube and peritoneal cancer in people who their first or later chemotherapy treatments have progressed smoothly. It's currently sold $5,813 USD for 112 capsules of 50mg. But some of the side effects are of the Lynparza is quite distrusting such as ...
  15. P

    Where can I buy cheaper Tasigna?

    My grand dad is suffering from chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) and the cancer is eating deep into his cells Tasigna was recommended but having to pay $20, 549.34 for the drugs is way high. Is there a place I can get it cheaper than that? Help, my grandpa is dying 😢
  16. J

    Why is Iressa too expensive?

    Iressa is a drug prescribed for my lung cancer treatment. But it's quite expensive at $7,109 for 250mg of 90 tablets. How am I going to afford this drug and properly treat myself?
  17. D

    Thyroid cancer treatment

    Caprelsa is a prescription drug used for treating thyroid cancer that have spread over to other parts of the body which cannot be removed by surgery. It helps in restricting the growth of tumors which will be very difficult to be removed through surgical process.
  18. N

    Drug delivery

    Hello, world ‼ Does anyone order cancer meds online? How fast and safe is the delivery and can you recommend good online pharmacies to me, please? I live in the US 🇺🇸
  19. W

    Injectable treatment

    Injectable treatment is given through the skin with a needle. They might be given into a muscle (intramuscular or IM) or just under the skin (subcutaneous, subcu or subq) in an arm, leg, hip, or the belly. Do you think it is effective against many types of cancer?
  20. M

    Current problems in cancer

    "Scientists promise to cure cancer with one injection", "new cure for cancer has been discovered", "universal remedy for malignant neoplasms has been found" - such headlines appear in the media almost every week. However, doctors rely on long-established methods: surgical removal of a tumor...