canadian pharmacies

  1. Kendra Mueller

    Can be a good place to order?

    I've been looking for where I can make drugs orders for my kid sister that is having flu because of the weather that we are having and I bounced on A check on PharmacyChecker shows that they are accredited and allowed to sell drugs. Do you see that as enough reason to...
  2. Dr.Fine

    Canadian pharmacies have been demonized a lot, even by the FDA and NABP. And, it's not because they're from Canada, but because most of them are ROGUE! In fact, most don't even hail from Canada but use it as a ploy to lure unsuspecting customers into their scam. However, a few of them are often...
  3. jameson Reviews

    Hello Fellow RXDiscussers, I am a Canadian from Vancouver. I never thought in the past that I will ever order mine and my family's medications online ever, but the current circumstances, the growing popularity of the online pharmacies and the discounts that online pharmacies like...
  4. J Reviews

    My fiance wants to make a birth control pills order from an online pharmacy but torn between decisions whether to make such order from as some of the reviews that we saw online shows it is regulated by CIPA but I can't figure out why ScamAdviser didn't give a full...
  5. R Reviews

    I'm trying to check some pharmacies on the internet where I can order for drugs and I got landed on I was about to make some orders from it but the 64% trust rate that one of the top reviews about reviews that I read got me worried. Do you think I should go...
  6. robin Reviews

    Has anyone heard or used I looked and they have a 4.8 Trustpilot rating. Does this mean anything? Should I trust them or not? I would greatly appreciate any feedback that anyone has for me on this one.
  7. H Reviews

    Does anyone have any experience with They are a Canadian online Pharmacy. They look legit online to me, but I would like to know if anyone has ordered from them before.
  8. A reviews

    Hey members. I often believe that finding a safe Canadian Pharmacy is quite an exceptional thing. However, during my web surfing sessions, I met this safe Canadian Pharmacy, which I feel it's good to share with you. Do you also think it's safe?
  9. O reviews

    I have no doubt that leads to one of the safest Canadian Online Pharmacies. What of you?
  10. Jake Reviews

    Hi everyone, I stumbled on this online pharmacy and was hoping to get useful feedbacks or information about it. Thanks!
  11. Noah reviews

    I think this is the best Canadian pharmacy where I bought products online. Great reputation with almost 7000 excellent customer reviews!
  12. Rokey reviews

    I want to find a safe Canadian pharmacy where I can order medications online without any risks. Could be this very pharmacy??
  13. Barida

    Should I order drugs from Canadian online pharmacy?

    I'm currently spending my vacation in New York. I got some issues with headaches and sore throat and felt the need to buy drugs online. Is it okay to do so via Canadian online drugstore?
  14. Noah

    Does anyone know a safe pharmacy in Canada?

    Does anyone know a legitimate website to buy pain meds from a Canadian pharmacy? I have C6&C7 disk problems which MRI clearly states the problems but where I live they do not dispense pain meds very easily. Just want to relieve... Does anyone know where I could buy online?
  15. hafijbd

    As an American, will you order less expensive medications from Canada once it’s legal?

    It may be legal in the United States, but it is NOT legal in Canada. You cannot get an American prescription in Canada. The only way to do this is to pay a Canadian doctor to examine you and agree to write a Canadian prescription that you can then take to a pharmacy and get a maximum supply of...
  16. Oskar

    Canadian pharmacies

    I know some legit Canadian pharmacies which are approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association: Website Trust Pilot Rating excellent (6196 reviews) great (59 reviews) excellent (24 reviews)...