american pharmacies

  1. Christina

    American drugstores

    I made a list of legitimate US drugstores which I had come across on the net. You can check their certificates using LegitScript.
  2. hafijbd

    As an American, will you order less expensive medications from Canada once it’s legal?

    It may be legal in the United States, but it is NOT legal in Canada. You cannot get an American prescription in Canada. The only way to do this is to pay a Canadian doctor to examine you and agree to write a Canadian prescription that you can then take to a pharmacy and get a maximum supply of...
  3. Anderson

    Alabama or Illinois pharmacy website?

    I can't seem to find any websites of pharmacies in Italy or Austria where I could check online if they have the medicine I'm looking for (I'm looking for Regaine 5% and Biotin 5000mcg). So does anyone know a website where I can check that website or an Illinois or Alabama pharmacy website that...
  4. Roberts

    Has anyone ever used American online pharmacies?

    I'm trying to buy my mother's medicines, but here in the US it is expensive and does not have insurance. She needs Lipitor and Plavix. Has anyone ever used any websites to buy any medications they need and that is way cheaper? Please help! ✈✈✈🛩
  5. Elizbeth

    What do you know about legitimate online US pharmacies?

    I'm looking for ideas on which others have used that works are legit, and have a brick & mortar presence in the US. Any ideas? Who's NOT good? ;)